Northumberland Bed and Breakfasts

The Vast County of Northumberland, stretching from the River Tyne to the Scottish Borders, is a truly magical destination, and one of the UK’s best kept secrets. Ravaged coastlines, steeped in History, Northumberland is home to a wonderful selection of towns and villages, with a story in every single corner.

Northumberland has a long and complicated history, and was a battle ground for countless bloody wars between England and Scotland. For this reason, the County, once part of the Roman Empire, is home to an abundance of castles, some of them the finest in the Country. Some of the better known castles include Dustanburgh, Warkworth, Alnwick and Bamburgh, the Historic Capital of Northumberland.

Northumberland is also known as the ‘Cradle of Christianity’ in England, because Christianity flourished in Lindisfarne, known as Holy Island.

The Coast of Northumberland is a designated area of natural beauty and almost a quarter of the County is protected as the Northumberland National Park. The National park is an area stretching from the Scottish Border, including Hadrian’s Wall and is protected from development and agriculture.

Northumberland’s Physical Geography is diverse, low and flat near the North Sea, and mountainous towards the North West. The County of Northumberland also has a mix of traditions not found anywhere else in the England, with Anglican, Celtic and Norse influences, including the Rapper Sword, and Clog Dance, not forgetting the Northumbrian Smallpipe.

Today, Northumberland is the least populated County in England but there has been considerable growth in tourism due to its scenic beauty and the abundant evidence of its historical significance.

Northumberland is the perfect place to spend your holidays and here at Northumberland Bed and Breakfasts we feature a selection of the very best B&B’s in the area.